We think our English Longhorn Beef is the best in the world, here's why...

Full of flavour

English Longhorn Cattle are renowned for producing beef with unrivalled flavour. Our pasture fed Longhorn beef is lean with a distinctive marbling of fat that gives a succulent texture and depth of flavour. It is aged for at least 28 days which concentrates and enhances the natural buttery, nutty flavour whilst ensuring tender texture.

“The Longhorn has it all for me – marvellous moisture and juiciness, alongside a firm but giving texture.” Heston Blumenthal, Chef.


Longhorn cattle are scientifically proven to produce healthier meat with a variety of health benefits resulting from their grass fed diet and ability to graze on a wide variety of vegetation. A trial by Bristol University concluded that heritage native breeds reared on unimproved pasture produce beef of a “high nutritional value”.

Longhorn beef is proven to be lower in saturated fats and higher in antioxidants, omega 3, CLA, iron, zinc, beta carotene, vitamins E and B than regular beef.

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Introducing our speciality cuts and recipes...

Most of what's inside your Maydencroft Longhorn Beef box will be familiar: sirloin and rump steaks, roasting joints such as topside, beef burgers and much more.

There are a few items which might be less recognisable, all of them absolutely delicious Heritage and Contemporary cuts which we’d like to introduce you to.

Our guide and recipes below should give you the incentive and confidence to get cooking.