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  • Future Farmer Programme

    Wednesday 17th January 2024

    Future Farmer Programme
    We are delighted that our Farm Assistant Simon secured a place on the Future Farmer Programme.

    Tesco and...

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  • Maydencroft Longhorns In Nature

    Wednesday 22nd November 2023

    Maydencroft Longhorns In Nature
    St Ippolyts Parish Council Magazine 2023
    The Maydencroft herd was established in 1984 by Robert and Frances Williams. Seeing these beautiful, gentle beasts as a boy...

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  • Domesticated rewilding?

    Monday 6th March 2023

    Domesticated rewilding?
    The role of the large herbivore
    Rewilding remains a polarising concept within our sector, primarily because its connotations of removal of human activity, or productive agriculture...

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  • Behind the scenes with BBC Countryfile

    Sunday 21st April 2019

    Behind the scenes with BBC Countryfile
    Easter news from the farm... Share the historic journey of our lovely Longhorns going to Panshanger Park on BBC Countryfile...

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  • Floss has Star Quality!

    Tuesday 17th July 2018

    Floss has Star Quality!
    The Times featuring lovely friendly Floss
    We had no idea she would be featured in today’s press (& no idea who took the picture) but we’re...

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  • Hertfordshire Life, June 2018

    Thursday 17th May 2018

    Hertfordshire Life, June 2018
    Local beef delivered direct to your door
    With a history dating back to 1269, Maydencroft Manor is a farm with a fascinating royal history. It was owned...

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  • John Torode visits Maydencroft

    Friday 13th April 2018

    John Torode visits Maydencroft
    Flashback to filming with chef John Torode for the BBC series, The Great British Food Revival. He interviewed father and...

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  • Spring keeps springing

    Friday 13th April 2018

    Spring keeps springing
    Its been a freezing cold, wet spring but our native breeds have carried on regardless, perfectly adapted to our climate....

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  • Behind the scenes

    Thursday 12th April 2018

    Behind the scenes
    Its been great fun - and sometimes pretty chilly - preparing our launch! Photographer Emma Lewis seen here shooting farm...

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