An iconic steak for two to share, (or you can treat it as a small rib joint for roasting), which owes its name to its heritage as a classic piece of French butchery. It is in fact a french-trimmed single rib from the fore rib, and shares all of the same succulent characteristics. Maydencroft Côte de boeuf is full of grass-fed flavour, with beautiful Longhorn marbling of fat.

This is a serious treat for a weekend supper, it deserves a proper pan, smoking hot to ensure a tasty caramelised exterior, finished off briefly in the oven to achieve the perfect rich pink interior. Served this way, for a retro treat it goes obviously and amazingly with a homemade French sauce like Sauce au Poivre, or Sauce Diane, sautéed potatoes and new season asparagus or tender PSB. Côte de boeuf also makes a superb BBQ steak to feed a few people, just make sure it sizzles over glowing hot embers rather than incinerated over leaping flames!