Probably the most talked about of the so called ‘modern’ steaks this steak has a well-deserved reputation for flavour and texture. Like the Denver Steak, it is a cut from an underused muscle in the forequarter – making it tender, lean and perfectly flavoured.

As a grass-fed native breed, English Longhorn cattle tend to be smaller than commercial, intensively-fed continental breeds of cattle. This means the seam running through the centre of the flat iron steak is difficult to remove without compromising the shape and size of the steaks – this seam is similar to that found around a rump-steak and adds to the flavour when cooking. It is straightforward to slice around it when serving and should by no means deter anyone in search of a delicious, beautifully lean, tender steak. Flat iron is excellent served just like other traditional steaks such as rump and sirloin. A real Saturday night treat with steamed green beans, sautéed potatoes and mustard.

Pepper Crusted Flat Iron Steak With Avocado And Balsamic Salad [403.99 KB]