This cut, like many previously overlooked cuts, has become really popular again, a reflection of its full flavour and tenderness. Also known as the ‘hanger steak’ this flavour-packed cut is taken from the forequarter, near the diaphragm. It is a muscle which doesn’t get much work, hence its tenderness, however it is lean so is at its best when cooked rare, especially when marinated first to add to its wonderful depth of flavour. If you prefer your beef well done it can also be braised low and slow as part of a casserole, although we think this would be a waste of a superb steak.

Barbequed, grilled or pan-fried, this steak comes up trumps cooked fast with a smoking hot heat. In France it has always been fashionable and is often served, like Bavette, as a fast-cooked rare steak, its great flavour can really take on a good sauce – perfect with green salad, frites and red wine jus!

Onglet Aux Echalotes [376.74 KB]