Bavette also known as skirt or flank steak is eaten a lot in America and in France, but hardly at all here in the UK. This is madness” the words of Nigella, with whom we wholeheartedly agree. This steak is finally resuming its rightful place in British kitchens and becoming better known. The bavette, or skirt steak is taken from the forequarter, specifically from the flank, (not far from the Onglet steak). It is distinguished by its long fibres, and although it benefits from the characteristic English Longhorn marbling it is a lean piece of meat, perfect for frying to deliver the individual flavour of our grass-fed Longhorns.

In the recent past the bavette has been used for braising and stewing, although it is really at its best rare to medium rare, it is full of flavour and tender when cooked to its strengths, i.e. fast on a smoking hot heat. It can handle being marinated as its flavour won’t be overpowered. If you prefer your steaks well done, then we recommend using a meat tenderiser to bash it thin, so it is not cooked for too long. Otherwise add to a beef bourguignon with other, less lean braising cuts, to achieve the ideal combination of flavour and succulence.

Tamarind Marinated Bavette [387.03 KB]