Pronounced ‘Pick-anh-ya’ known traditionally (and rather prosaically) in the UK as the rump cap. It is a triangular cut from the top of the, yup, rump region of the cow, and it has a beautiful layer of fat. It is not a muscle that moves much during the animal's life, and so remains tender.

The Brazilian name is used here as it reflects the extent to which the South Americans really prize this superb cut of beef. It is probably one of the most popular steaks out there, and its popularity has spread to the UK; restaurants specialising just in this Brazilian delicacy have been popping up north and south.

This cut can be treated like a succulent rump steak and panfried to your preference – but we recommend trying it Brazilian style by seasoning with rock-salt then chargrilling over a red-hot BBQ, slicing and serving with a piquant chimichurri sauce.

Barbequed Picanha With Chimichurri Sauce [440.09 KB]